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Wine and Spirits Submission Guidelines for our Wine and Spirits Review Programs.

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Wine Enthusiast Media

Wine Enthusiast
200 Summit Lake Drive
Valhalla, NY 10595
tel: 914.345.9463
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Chairman & Chief Executive Officer/Editor & Publisher Emeritus
Adam Strum

Editor & Publisher, Wine Enthusiast Media
Jacqueline Strum

Vice President of Content, Wine Enthusiast Media
Dara P. Kapoor


Managing Editor, Print
John Capone

Senior Editor, Print
Stacy Briscoe (California)

Digital Editor
Kristen Richard

Assistant Print Editor
Jacy Topps (Languedoc-Roussillon)


Supervising Video Producer
Braxton Parr 

Video Producer
Rob Martin 


Creative Director
Marco Turelli

Art Director
Monica Simon

Digital Visuals Editor
Evan de Normandie 

Digital Designer
Eric DeFreitas

Visuals Producer
Jesse Reiter

Associate Photo Producer
Tom Arena 


Tasting Director
Anna-Christina Cabrales (Burgundy, Rhône)

Senior Tasting Editor
Jim Gordon (California)

Senior Tasting Coordinator
Craig Chamberlain (Virginia)

Tasting Coordinator
Cody Wexler

Assistant Tasting Coordinator
Russell Peborde


Director of Social Media
Elyse Estrella

Social Media Strategist
Marco Bruno

Community Coordinator
Ruya Kirac

Writers at Large

Michael Alberty (Washington, Oregon, and Canada); Nils Bernstein (Contributing Editor, Food); Danielle Callegari (Italy); Mike DeSimone (Spain, Asia, Israel); John Holl (Beer, Hard Seltzer); Matt Kettmann (California); Kara Newman (Spirits); Christina Pickard (Australia, New Zealand, England, New York); Jeff Porter (Italy); Emily Saladino (Greece); Layla Schlack (Alsace); Jesica Vargas (South America and South Africa); Roger Voss (Europe); Aleksandar Zecevic (Austria)

Writing And Photography Submission Guidelines

Wine Enthusiast Magazine welcomes pitches from freelance writers, but full manuscripts on spec are discouraged. A pitch only needs to be one paragraph, and it should be accompanied by materials (a resume, curriculum vitae or clips) that demonstrate the submitter’s qualifications to write that particular piece.

Submitters should be cautioned that Wine Enthusiast receives hundreds of pitches a year and employs contributing editors in wine regions around the world who also propose story concepts. Here are some guidelines as to what we’re most often looking for:

* Trends and innovations in the wine world across multiple destinations or regions and more than one business
* Wine-centric city guides
* The story of a grape variety’s history and adaptation around the world
* A wine-drinker’s guide to some other beverage category, alcoholic or not
* Stories that look at the intersection of wine and culture
* Humorous or serious personal essays centered on a vinous experience

Proposals that don’t fall into the above categories but seem to be in line with what Wine Enthusiast has run recently are, of course, welcome, but we recommend keeping them short. An editor will follow up if they are interested in learning more.

If you have thoughts about whether you’d like this piece to run in print or digitally, please include that in your pitch. Print works about six months out and is generally looking for pieces around 350 words; digital works about two months out and assigns at a variety of lengths.

Our Forward 50 Restaurants, Future 40 tastemakers list and Wine Star Awards are all selected by the editorial team. There is no formal nomination process; if you’d like to submit a person or business for consideration, please email us a short biography and we will keep it on file.

Proposals submitted via phone will not be considered. Please send all pitches via email to

For queries regarding photography submissions, contact Visuals Producer Jesse Reiter.


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President & Publisher, Wine Enthusiast Media
Jacqueline Strum
200 Summit Lake Drive
Valhalla, NY 10595
914.345.9463 x4606

Executive Director of Digital Advertising
Greg Remillard
200 Summit Lake Drive
Valhalla, NY 10595
914-345-9463 x4607

Advertising Director
Sherrill Flaum
200 Summit Lake Drive
Valhalla, NY 10595
Mobile: 516.428.0292
914.345.9463 x4704

Director of Client Success
Emily Matson
200 Summit Lake Drive
Valhalla, NY 10595

Senior West Coast Account Manager
Karen Hackett
1447 E Main St
Ashland, OR 97520

Central California Account Manager
Laurie Robertson

West Coast Associate Account Manager
Jordan Norris

East Coast Account Manager
Margaret Kalaher
200 Summit Lake Drive
Valhalla, NY 10595
Mobile: 845.654.1420
914.345.9463 x4135
Fax: 866.950.2549

Director of Sales, Buying Guide
Denise Valenza
17846 Mission Oak Drive
Lithia, FL 33547
Fax: 866.896.8786

Buying Guide Advertising Coordinator
Taylor Termine
914.345.9463 x5858

Senior Digital Advertising Sales Producer
Keri D’Onofrio
200 Summit Lake Drive
Valhalla, NY 10595
914.345.9463 x4136

Digital Advertising Producer
Abby Castrillo
200 Summit Lake Drive
Valhalla, NY 10595

Public Relations

Director of Public Relations
Bonnary Lek


Events Manager
LaShana Daniels