HIPAA Eligible Segment

Segment is a HIPAA eligible platform, and meets the data privacy and security requirements of healthcare customers and their stakeholders. For more information about Segment becoming HIPAA eligible, see the announcement blog post.

Business Associate Addendum

Twilio BAA are available to customers on a Business Tier plan.

Before you begin, check that the Segment products and services you’ll use for your HIPAA workflows are on the list of Twilio’s HIPAA Eligible Products and Services. After you’ve verified availability, contact your Account Expert to request a demo.

Verify your Workspace

Ensure your Workspace is eligible for HIPAA before you configure and send any personal health information (PHI).

  1. In your Workspace, navigate to Settings > Workspace Settings.
  2. On the General Settings tab, ensure that the HIPAA badge appears. This badge confirms that the Workspace is HIPAA eligible. HIPAA Eligible

With the BAA signed and Workspace confirmed as eligible, you can start building. For more information about starting a HIPAA compliant implementation, see Twilio’s Architecting for HIPAA on Twilio, which outlines the shared responsibilities and requirements for building and maintaining HIPAA-compliant workflows in Segment.

HIPAA Auditing

Segment maintains audit logs of every read and update action a user performs in the Segment app that may involve PHI/PII.

Data captured in the HIPAA audit logs includes:

  • workspace_id: unique identifier of the workspace
  • actor_user_id: unique identifier Segment assigns to the logged in user
  • event_type: The action performed by the user. For example, Source Debugger Raw Viewed, Destination Filter Modified, or other events
  • end_user_id: Segment sometimes assigns this unique identifier to an end-user, event, audience, or journey, depending on the event type
  • timestamp: Time in UTC when the action occurred

These logs can be provided upon request. For specific requests, please reach out to friends@segment.com.

This page was last modified: 08 Jun 2023

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