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Leveraging Twilio Engage Customer Data within Twilio Flex

When your support agents are interacting with customers, you want to set them up for success, providing all of the information and context they might need to create a genuine connection with the customer and provide a personalized experience. In this article, we’ll walk through the steps for seamlessly providing Twilio Flex support agents with data about customer traits from Twilio Engage.

Alvin LeeMade by Alvin Lee

Power up your customer acquisition: Build your own affiliate marketing program with Segment and

This recipe teaches you how to use Track, Page, and Identify events to quickly launch your affiliate program, so that you can discover and recruit new affiliate and influencer partners, automate contracts and payments based on the terms they set, and track performance all in one place.

impact.comMade by

Predict which customers are most likely to have Deposit Outflows with Twilio Engage

With the explosion of artificial intelligence technologies in recent months, it is important for marketers and product teams to harness the power that AI can bring to their marketing efforts. Twilio Segment’s Predictive Traits and Predictive Audience creation (currently both in beta) gives marketers a no-code solution to tap into AI and yield higher returns on their marketing efforts by allowing them to predict the likelihood of a user performing any custom event within Segment. Examples could include finding users with a high propensity to churn, purchase, refer a friend, or use a promo code. Armed with this knowledge, you can increase the effectiveness of your marketing communications. Predictive Traits is a no code machine learning model that helps marketers improve their targeting in campaigns and journeys to achieve better results. Predictive Traits gives marketers super powers to take any tracked Segment event and predict the likelihood that any user will perform that action over the next 30 days. Audience modeling serves as the foundation for predictive audiences. It applies predictive intelligence to identify audiences based on specific criteria such as discount affinity, channel affinity, lifecycle stage, purchase activity, likelihood to convert, and likelihood to unsubscribe. In this recipe, we’ll share how we can harness the power of predictive traits and audiences to predict which customers are most likely to transfer money out of their bank accounts. Given the liquidity pressures that banks incur when deposit outflows occur, it is of utmost importance to ensure your bank is doing everything possible to keep customer’s money within your platform.

Justin BaghaiMade by Justin Baghai

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Win back churned users by coordinating your ad and email campaigns

With this recipe, you’ll learn how to revive users who’ve become inactive. Reviving churned users is often the highest-leverage growth strategy your team can implement.

Demand CurveMade by Demand Curve

Supercharge your analytics with real world context from Radar

In this recipe, you'll learn how to use location data to understand where your customers are when they engage with you.

RadarMade by Radar
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Using predictive purchase behavior to increase campaign ROI

In this recipe, you’ll learn how to predict the likelihood a user will purchase an item or subscribe to a product within a 30-day timeframe. And use that information to optimize marketing campaigns to deliver the right offer, at the right time, in the format your customer expects.

VidoraMade by Vidora

Improve product retention rates with targeted push notifications

This recipe teaches you how to use mobile push notifications to re-engage a subset of dormant users. By sending a promotional message or raising awareness for a new product feature, you'll drive further engagement

SegmentMade by Segment
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Break down data silos between your sales and support teams

In this recipe, you’ll learn how to keep sales and support aligned by enriching your user profiles with information from Salesforce and syncing that data to Zendesk.


Improve ROAS with personalized, funnel-based ad retargeting

This recipe teaches you how to retarget users across the funnel using Twilio Engage and an advertising platform like Google Display & Video 360 (DV360). By creating Personas audiences of high-intent user segments, you can personalize the pre-purchase experience to increase conversions and optimize your ROAS.

SegmentMade by Segment