Identity & Access Management Overview

Segment’s access management tools let workspace owners manage which users can access different parts of their Segment workspaces.

The Access Management page has three tabs: Users (team members), User Groups, and Tokens. You can select a user in the table to see their roles.

Access Management Overview

Access settings are applied at the workspace level. A Segment user can have access to one or more workspaces, either as an owner or member of each. Users access their Segment account with either email/password credentials, or by using Single Sign On.

Owners manage all aspects of the workspace, and members can have access to specific products and resource types.

Note: If you are on a Free or Team plan, only the workspace owner and source admin roles are available.

Check out the Roles documentation for more details.

Exporting a workspace’s user list

Workspace Owners can download a .csv list of users who have access to a specific workspace (including their roles) from the Access Management page in the Segment App.

This page was last modified: 13 May 2021

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