Access Management Concepts

Team Members

A Segment Team Member is an individual with access to a workspace. A Segment user can be associated with one or more workspaces, either as an owner or member of each. Check out the roles documentation for a complete list of roles.

User Groups

A User Group is a set of Team Members with a set of shared policies. A Segment Team Member can be a member of one or many Groups. All roles in the Segment App are additive, which means that group membership can be assigned in addition to individual roles for a single team member. For example, a single user could inherit roles from a Group definition AND have access to additional resources through individually assigned roles.


You can generate tokens to programmatically access Segment resources using the Segment Public API.

Screenshot of the Workspace Settings tab, with the Access Management tab selected.


Resources are the building blocks of Segment, and represent the different parts of your Segment deployment to which you can grant access. These include:

  • Workspaces
  • Sources
  • Destinations
  • Warehouses
  • Spaces
  • Protocols Tracking Plans


Workspace owners can use Labels to grant users access to groups of resources. When you add a Label to a Source or Spaces, any users who are granted access to that Label gain access to those resources.

To create or configure labels, go to the Labels tab in your workspace settings. Only workspace Owners can manage labels for the entire workspace.

This page was last modified: 21 Apr 2023

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