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With vineyards established by the Greek settlers as early as 800 BC, Italy is one of the oldest and largest wine producing regions in the world. The Italian Wine Region is diverse and can be quite complex, especially to novice wine consumers. Because the wines of Italy can be labeled by either region or grape variety, and in some cases both, if youā€™re unfamiliar with the appellation system or names of the grape varieties, it can prove confusing. Thatā€™s why our Italian Wine Guide helps with properly identifying Italian wines. Due to the size and unusual shape of Italy, the climate and soil type varies greatly in each sub-region. This explains Italyā€™s abundantly diverse wine styles. One of the most notable sub-regions is Piedmont, home to the Barolo and Barberesco DOCGs, where the Nebbiolo grape reigns supreme. Other top Italian Wine Regions include Tuscany, where you will find the wines of Chianti and other various Sangiovese-based wines, and Veneto, which is Italyā€™s largest wine producing sub-region. Veneto is home to the Amarone and Valpolicella wines—some of the top-rated wines in our Italian Wine Reviews—which are renowned for their use of dried out grapes or passito.

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